Lets journey together!

The VCC Internship Experience

Spiritual Formation

Life With God
The best gift you can give yourself and everyone you know is your deep and abiding relationship with Jesus Christ.  We deeply invest in your life with God - it's where it all begins.  


Apply what you already know about your area of interest and grow in your understanding of your discipline together in a collaborative environment.


For Others
Work hands-on in a team and with the pastors and leaders that run the ministries.  You'll have specific ministry responsibilities and you'll have the opportunity to live out this life with God together for others.  

Available VCC Internships


You feel called to explore Children’s Ministry in a hands-on setting. This intern will assist in writing curriculum, development of policies and best practices, training of future leaders/volunteers, and development of new ministry practices.


You feel called to explore Kingdom life with students in 5th-12th grade.  You want to learn to meet students where they are and encourage them to live a life with God, together in community, for the sake of others. Youth Ministry offers the unique experience of learning several areas of ministry in the context of pre-teens/teens (teaching, small groups, events, prayer, worship, social media, etc).


You feel called to explore the systems and tools used to assist in connecting visitors and attenders with a church community where they can develop a life with God, together in community, for the sake of others.

Executive Pastor

You feel drawn to the administrative functions of the church: finances, facilities, HR, and everything else it takes to lead while overseeing the operations of a church. You love bringing order from chaos, solving problems, and believe that creating healthy structures is one way to show God’s love to others. You might be a nerd. Celebrate it! God loves nerds and he’s gifted you to serve in his Kingdom!

Kingdom Justice

You feel called to explore Kingdom Justice in a suburban context.  You want to learn to assess what God is already doing in a community and seek God’s invitation for the individual, group, and church community to join what God is already doing.


You feel called to worship ministry and you are already proficient in your musical skill. This role will have opportunities to explore and grow in understanding of band dynamics, building teams, ministry, and teamwork in an creative worship environment.

More Info About VCC Internships

What is the purpose of VCC internships?
VCC Internships are for your benefit.  As Kingdom of God people, we desire to invest in those who are responding to God's call or simply exploring what God has for them and who are willing to invest in themselves.   We desire to share what we have so that the Church and the world may be blessed as you do the same.  

How long do internships last?
It depends on the internship.  Summer internships are three months long.  All other internships are nine months to one year long.  

How much does this internship pay?
VCC internships are unpaid.  We require interns to have a part-time job in addition to the internship and VCC provides housing at no cost to the intern.  

How many hours a week are expected?
All internships are part-time @ 20 hours per week.     Interns are expected to have a part-time job in addition to the VCC internship.  

Why does VCC require interns to work a part-time job?
It's important to always remain in touch with the world.  A part-time job in addition to the part-time internship provides the intern with a place to live out what they believe and provides some income while participating in the VCC internship.  

Where will I live?
VCC places interns in host homes of members of our congregation.

Are there age limits for application?
All people age 18 or older are invited to apply for our internships.

I'm married - can I apply?
Yes.  This makes housing more challenging and you may have to secure your own housing.  

What does a typical week look like?
Depending on the internship, you will work four to five days a week (including Sunday), participate in spiritual formation practices with the staff and other interns, work side-by-side with the pastors and ministry leaders, and have your own areas of responsibility to work on.  

Will VCC provide health insurance for me during my internship?
No.  VCC is unable to provide health insurance for interns.  As an intern, you have two options to consider when it comes to health insurance. You can stay on your parent’s health insurance plan (if applicable) or you can purchase your own plan through a private insurance company.

Do I need a personal vehicle?
Yes. At this time, VCC cannot provide transportation to and from your internship location. You are responsible for maintaining adequate insurance on your personal vehicle and having a current driver’s license.