Exploring this Life with God, Together, For Others

Watch the video below for a brief overview of the LifeCore small group study.  
LifeCore is a VCC-crafted 8-week small group study that explores what it means to live your life with God, together, for others.    Each week, you engage with the content - each video, article, and devotional an opportunity to encounter God.  Then the group comes together for the weekly small group gathering, where the focus is encouragement and sharing your experience of God with one another.  

Weekly Sheets

The LifeCore Weekly Sheets provide access to everything you need to participate in a LifeCore small group.  View them online, send the link to group members, or download the PDF file to email to group members.  
"God loves you" is the foundation of a life with God.  Every other foundation is lesser.  Is this something you can receive?  
God wants you to love him in reply to his incredible perfect love for us.  What does that look like?
You were never meant to be alone.  God created you so that you can only thrive in healthy, Christ-centered community. 
This incredible love isn't just for followers of Jesus - it's for everyone.  God loves the whole world.  How do we love like he loves?
God meets us where we are and then  invites us to change into someone more like his Son Jesus. Why?  What is God up to?  
Life with God is all about your deep and abiding relationship with Jesus - just him and you.  How does this relationship form and grow?
Life with God together is all about how Jesus' Church lives out this life with God TOGETHER.  What does that look like?
Life with God for others is all about how we live our lives with God in community for the sake of others.  How does that happen?
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